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international2Back in 1990, Paul Wolstencroft travelled to Moscow to advise on marketing for Moscow’s first small business support agency, supported by what was then known as the Know How Fund. That one-week trip changed his career.

Paul then worked on the development of more centres throughout Russia before moving on to become the Project Director for a study of information systems in the CIS and Mongolia. Further projects with an Internet service provider, the Russian Ministry of Science, a business school and a university, broadened his knowledge of doing business in Russia.

Other successful international projects were managed in Estonia, Jordan, Latvia, Serbia and Ukraine.   Consult.PW draws on the experience gained here without applying the price-tag assoicated with larger organisations.


Missians to RussiaEven with the current political situation, Russia still presents unparalleled business opportunities. It’s not an easy place to get started but the rewards are great.

Having led successful trade missions to Russian cities, Consult.PW maintains a network of professional advisers. The Moscow-based representative is able to carry out research, set up introductory meetings and act as interpreter.

Introductions to specialist consultants offering cultural awareness training, basic language skills, visas, flights and hotels let you concentrate on the main goal – doing profitable business.

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Incoming MissionsThrough connections with business schools, universities and trade associations, more than 300 Russian delegates have met with UK companies with a view to mutual trade.

Visiting groups included bankers, transport engineers, road builders, MBA students and government officials. Consult.PW staff also have experience of organising conferences and seminars with simultaneous translation.

Adopting a work hard, play hard philosophy, programmes include a packed cultural agenda. It wouldn’t be fair not to share the delights of British beer with visitors after having been offered so much of their vodka!

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ProjectsSuccessful projects were completed for the UK Know How Fund, Tacis (European Commission) and EBRD (The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

Managing teams in other countries can be challenging and requires a unique skill set. Paul Wolstencroft worked on projects in Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Jordan, Latvia, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia and Ukraine and still found time to support Tottenham Hotspur!

Consult.PW now specialise in marketing strategy implementation in overseas markets.

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translationE-Learning can train your staff in ANY language. It eliminates the need for travel and ensures effective learning in the native language of the recipients. Non-English speakers in UK learn faster by studying in their own language.

Unusual character sets, right to left formatting and culturally acceptable scenarios present no problems and training via webinars makes sure of buy in to the concept.

There are great cost savings to me made too. No travel and accommodation, no interpreters, no print costs and training can be repeated for new staff when the old ones move on.

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" Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" 
(At Consult.PW we like solving puzzles!)

Winston Churchill


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