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Mobile LearningIn the current economic climate, more organisations are taking a closer look at the potential of e-Learning. They’re realising that it not only reduces training costs but also provides more effective learning and faster delivery.

Like all training, there are good and bad examples. The bad examples of e-Learning tend to be materials created by those with no knowledge of instructional design or the ICT requirements. That’s where Consult.PW come in, either by creating systems and courses for you or by giving you the skills you need to make your own cost-effective productions.

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e-Learning DesignTo get the ‘buy-in’ you need for the success of eLearning it’s important that courses have the right look and feel. Designs should not only improve the aesthetics but should also enhance the learning experience.

Consult.PW work closely with you to develop branded modules and courses and set up methods of managing blended learning through your own LMS. A real performance enhancer for staff, a confidence builder for managers and an increase in profits for business owners.

Modules carry YOUR branding, methodology and personalised messages

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Authoring e-LearningBy developing courses in the latest software, your training is future-proofed allowing you to make amendments and additions to well-designed templates. As you might expect, course elements include audio, video, animation, quizzes, checklists and useful downloads.

A ‘blended’ learning approach enables organisations to seamlessly integrate e-Learning modules with existing face-to-face programmes. This ensures that all learning styles are catered for and reduces the time away from the workplace.

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FormatsGone are the days when e-Learning meant having a PC on your desk. Today’s learners want access on their tablet, smartphone or laptop and that means creating courses that run equally well on all types of device.

At Consult.PW we’ve invested in software that allows for course modules to be output in Flash and HTML5, using responsive page layouts that automatically fit the size and shape of screen on which they are viewed.

Output can be optimised to work with all Learning Management Systems (LMS) and leading Content Management Systems (CMS).

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LMSThe key to successful e-Learning is a good Learning Management System (LMS) but choosing the right system is vital to ensure the best return on investment.

Consult.PW work closely with the creators of some of the most widely-used platforms, allowing for total customisation at very low cost. Track your learner’s progress with SCORM compliance, provide feedback for learners, management information for trainers and financial information to measure ROI.


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"The only thing worse than training your staff and having them leave is not training them and having them stay."

Zig Ziglar


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