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Training CoursesWe all learn in different ways. So those attend an open course can’t be sure that the method of delivery or materials used would best suited to their learning style.

Most small business people recognise the need for training but may feel restricted by budgets.  Running a business is hard work and finding time for training can be difficult.  Consult.PW provide a blended learning approach by designing bespoke courses to integrate with innovative e-Learning.  That increases the retention of knowledge and improves performance and it's all delivered through a process that’s actually enjoyable.

Consult.PW trainers are all experts in their own field and experienced practitioners having worked in large and small organisations in both the private and public sector. They are supported by a network of associates, each with their own specialist skill set.


Bespoke CoursesTraining is an investment in the development of you or your people. More importantly it’s an investment in the profitability of your organisation. It’s more than just transferring knowledge; it’s about building confidence and motivating individuals and teams to do better.

The Consult.PW approach is to carefully tailor each course to your EXACT needs, working with you to determine the right outcomes as well as making the training enjoyable for those who attend. It’s interactive, practical and above all, specific to your needs.

Training should not be seen as a cost but as an investment with a guaranteed return.

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Marketing CoursesIf you ask the staff in many organisations who is responsible for marketing, they’ll tell you it’s the marketing department. The truth is that EVERYONE has a role to play in ensuring that the image and reputation of the organisation is seen in the best light.

Marketing courses are designed to equip non-marketers with the knowledge and tools they need.  In intensive and stimulating workshops and seminars, participants learn the key concepts and techniques and are able to test them in a simulated environmen.

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e-Learning TrainingWell-designed e-Learning modules can be expensive to purchase which is why many people are taking a DIY approach and producing their own. This can be both rewarding and cost-effective but it could also be a disaster if you don't have a good understanding of instructional design and how to use the available tools.

Courses are designed to provide an overview of the whole development process and offer a chance to try the latest software. Topics are tailored to the specific needs and interests of participants. all delegates will have on-going access to the Consult.PW Learning Management System, to practice their skills.

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Sales CoursesNothing happens ANYWHERE in the world until a sale is made! Every business needs to invest in acquiring professional sales skills.

The hard sell is dead. Courses from Consult.PW provide practical solutions to improve presentation skills and develop an understanding of professional techniques that will help your customers to buy…and come back for more.

Interactive workshops and seminars offer scenario-based exercises specifically formulated to increase the sales of your products and services. The blended learning approach means less time off the job for your salespeople.

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"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

Albert Einstein


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